Purchasing Card-Controller's Office - Carnegie Mellon University


The university's purchasing card program is designed for large volume, low-priced purchases, but cannot be used for any travel/travel-related costs. The Purchasing Card Guidelines provide complete information about the program.  Our card provider is PNC Bank and our program is administered by the Business Systems and Services Team.  For more information, email pcrdhelp@andrew.cmu.edu or call x8-4666.

Obtaining a purchasing card (PCard)

Departments can request that a card be issued to an employee using the Purchasing Card Request Form. This form is used to request a card, establish spending limits, assign default accounting information, and determine who will approve the cardholder's transactions.  This form must be approved by both the department's business manager and the division's ALG member. 

Before the card can be issued, the cardholder must:

  • Have a current position in Workday
  • Complete FIN – Introduction to Purchasing Training
  • Complete FIN – Purchasing Card PCard Training
  • Complete and sign the Purchasing Card Employee Cardholder Agreement

Verifying PCard transactions

Purchasing Card transactions must be verified within 30 days of the transaction being posted in Oracle. Verifying transactions means providing a business justification as well as providing accounting information for each charge. The verification process is completed through the Oracle Internet Expenses - Procurement Card application (accessible through the Accessing our Systems link on lower left side of this page).  It is possible for transactions to be verified by a delegate.  Once the transactions are verified, they must be approved by your PCard approver.

To verify PCard transactions, the cardholder or delegate must:

Managing your PCard

Here are some quick tips about situations your may encounter:

Need to change limits or default account string... Use Purchasing Card Request Form via Online Forms System.
Need to establish a delegate... Complete Delegate Access Request Form via Online Forms System.
Need to request an exception to the PCard guidelines...

Policy exceptions must be requested using the Purchasing Card Exception Request Form, found in the Online Forms System. For questions please contact PCard Help at pcrdhelp@andrew.cmu.edu or 412.268.4666. (Process detailed in Purchasing Card Guidelines, section 5.6

Need to dispute a charge... Contact supplier to resolve your dispute.  If the supplier doesn't respond within 5-7 days, complete the Billing Inquiry form and send it to pcrdhelp@andrew.cmu.edu.
Posted a transaction to the wrong account string... Complete the AP Redistribution Form.

Refer to our FAQ for more detailed information.

Auditing your PCard

The Audit Services website contains information about how your PCard activity will be audited.  The site includes information about the handling of audit violations, as do the Purchasing Card Guidelines.