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Steinbrenner Institute U.S. Environmental Sustainability PhD Fellowships

The Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research at Carnegie Mellon offers competitive three-year PhD fellowships for interdisciplinary study of topics related to U.S. environmental sustainability.  With support from the Colcom Foundation, three fellowships were awarded for PhD studies in Fall 2011, and four additional fellowships have been awarded for Fall 2012. Example topics of interest include water resource availability with consideration of population growth and climate change; measurements and indices of resource availability (e.g., crops, natural gas, coal, minerals) coupled with "best use" of limited U.S. resources; maximum potential crop yield in the U.S. and implications for sustainable population; indices of soil quality and resilience, and relationships with land use; implications of health care policy and immigration policy on resource requirements; and others. Specific topics will be developed in collaboration with faculty advisors and the Steinbrenner Institute.

For additional information on the Steinbrenner Institute U.S. Environmental Sustainability PhD Fellowship program please contact  Professor David Dzombak.