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A Message from our Faculty Director


David Dzombak
Walter J. Blenko, Sr. Professor of Environmental Engineering

Carnegie Mellon has a rich history of environmental education and research in environmental engineering, science, and policy.  Through education oriented toward impact and through our research, we have made important contributions to solutions for a wide range of industrial and societal environmental challenges.  Some recent examples include innovations devised by Carnegie Mellon students and faculty for measurement and modeling of fine particles in air; real-time sensing in drinking water supply networks; treatment of groundwater contaminants with engineered nanoparticles; optimization of environmental controls for clean coal technologies; catalysts for more environmentally benign papermaking and industrial cleaning; and energy efficient commercial buildings.  We are also widely known for integrated assessment and methods to support environmental decision making.  We have worked on topics ranging in scale from urban site redevelopment to climate change, and in methodology from laboratory and field experiments to public art.

Environmental research at Carnegie Mellon focuses on two principal themes within the general theme of transitioning to an environmentally sustainable society: (1) urban infrastructure and sustainable cities, and (2) energy transition strategies and the environment. Our research is problem-driven, interdisciplinary, and conducted collaboratively with government, corporate, and foundation partners.

Carnegie Mellon is uniquely positioned by its industrial heritage, its interdisciplinary culture, and its experience in engaging with regional, national, and international organizations to continue to make innovative contributions to a better environmental future. The Steinbrenner Institute works to enhance and accelerate environmental education and research efforts at Carnegie Mellon, and will be happy to find a way for you or your organization to join us.