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Effective solutions to energy problems will come from engineers and technical managers who understand the interdisciplinary challenges of energy, and who are well informed on the broad issues of energy supply, demand, storage, utilization, policy, sustainability, and the environment. The Carnegie Mellon University Energy Science, Technology and Policy (ESTP) program offers a professional masters for students who seek a distinctive Master of Science degree that is based in engineering, aligned with new discoveries in science, attuned to sustainability and the environment, and informed by a broader perspective in economics and public policy. ESTP is an interdisciplinary engineering degree program offered by the CMU College of Engineering and is an educational initiative affiliated with the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the production and utilization of energy have increased in proportion to technical innovation, global wealth, and world population. The production of energy, its transport and storage, the efficiency with which it is used, and its economic and environmental impact are now regional, national, and global concerns.  Keeping these important issues at the forefront, the ESTP program is designed to prepare you for a career where you can lead in the development of new technologies and policies for the production, transport, and efficient use of energy.