ADA Accommodations-Diversity Resource Guide - Carnegie Mellon University

ADA Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to faculty, staff and students as guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to determinewhat their specific needs are and what reasonable accommodations we can provide.


Disability Resources can provide assistance to employees seeking accommodations for permanent, long-term, or short-term disabilities. The university offers employees the opportunity to annually identify themselves as disabled and/or Vietnam-era veterans via HR Connection. An employee may also self-identify as disabled at any time by contacting Disability Resources.


Students with disabilities may receive services from Disability Resources by providing adequate documentation of the disability. Please note that Disability Resources will not initiate accommodations without a specific request from a student. Below are common reasonable accommodations that may be provided to students with disabling conditions:

  • books on tape
  • written and oral instructions for assignments
  • note-takers
  • extended time for in-class assignments or exams
  • alternative testing arrangements
  • distraction-reduced testing environment
  • oral examinations
  • large-print exams, books and materials
  • use of tape recorders in classrooms
  • use of dictionaries and calculators for in-class assignments and tests
  • barrier removal and access
  • voice recognition software

For Faculty & Staff:

HR Connection—self-identify by gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and veteran's status