Research-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

How to Find Opportunities

Research is a wonderful way to learn from the faculty here at Carnegie Mellon. The best place to start for research opportunities is the Undergraduate Research Office. They can connect you with current research opportunities on campus.

The Dietrich College offers First and Second Year Research Training courses that are an excellent place for students to begin if they are interested in participating in research.

Be sure to visit the University site on research as well.


One of most enriching experiences you can have is discussing a faculty member's research with them! Schedule a meeting with faculty members and see what they are doing their research in. Often times they may have openings in their labs or volunteer experiences you can get involved in if you are interested.

For Credit

Getting credit for research is dependent upon the department. It is best to have this discussion one-on-one with your primary academic advisor in your home department.