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Note  We give instructors the tools to assess student performance and design courses, online and off, that continually improve learning outcomes. LEARN MORE.


See which of your students are at risk.

Using assignment, quiz and test scores from your gradebook, we can predict early in the term which of your students are at risk of not passing your course. Upload your data into our calculator and see a quick report on your class.


Grow with us.

Contribute your data.

Let's move education forward.

DataLab is offering open access to the world's largest bank of educational technology data — detailed data about how people learn and how effective learning software can be designed and deployed. Your contributions produce results that support robust student learning.

Researchers and Course Designers: DataLab can serve as a secure repository for your educational research. We also have a sophisticated data analysis service for fine-grained, longitudinal datasets that can help explore learning issues in a variety of domains. LEARN MORE.
Partners: If you are an educator, researcher or technology-company executive spearheading efforts to develop standards and promote best practices in online education, contact us.

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