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UCO and Carnegie Mellon

The UCO reviews, drafts, and executes documents, contracts, and licenses related to Carnegie Mellon business affairs.  The UCO team assures that all university and governmental requirements have been met in relation to the business affair and that any other university department, which may have an interest in the business affair, is notified and consulted.

The UCO Director is authorized to sign documents on behalf of Carnegie Mellon.  Before signing, each document receives legal review for accuracy, risk reduction, and terms favorable to Carnegie Mellon.

UCO and Carnegie Mellon Buyers

Carnegie Mellon Buyers need to consult the UCO before a service is to be provided to the University.  "Service" is defined as the performance of labor for the benefit of the university.

Submitting a Request

All contract requests should be sent to the UCO's inbox at

For information regarding the contracting process, please visit out FAQ page.

New! Check here for latest approvals!

UCO review is no longer required for equipment repair services at the Apple Store. Please see our approval document (CMU sign in required) (pdf)

UCO review is no longer required for purchasing tangible goods (other than software) from online suppliers. Please see our latest advice document for details.(pdf)

We update the CTA page regularly. Please check before submitting your request. (CMU sign in required.) 


We have updated the process for hiring Independent Contractors. Please visit our new Independent Contractor page to learn more.

honorarium form

Honorarium Form [doc]            (rev 8-19-2015)

Both AMOUNT and CURRENCY are now required.

Ex: $100 US, €100 EUR

Honorarium Guidance [pdf]     (rev 1-11-2016)

city of pittsburgh online event-related transactions

See UCO's review & approval for Online Event-Related Transactions, including NEW Park Shelter Permitting.