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Monday, February 20, 2017

New Security Measure for Faculty, Staff and Student Employees

On Wednesday, February 15, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Farnam Jahanian and Vice President for Operations, Rodney McClendon sent a message to the campus community detailing a new security measure – Two Factor Authentication (2fa). This direct email message was not a phishing attempt and can be verified on the ISO news site at

Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of protection to increase security of passwords and password protected data, systems and services. All faculty and staff members, including student employees, are required to add the 2fa protection to their university password by April 20.


Once you register for the 2fa service, you will be prompted for two forms of identification when you access Web Login protected services: something you know (Andrew userID and password) and something you have (a code on your smart phone).


Visit the 2fa Self-Service Registration page at to register for the service and start using 2fa with your smart phone to protect your identity and university data. Return to the 2fa Self-Service page to register a new device, manage or reactivate a registered device.

For more information, see the Two-Factor Authentication (2fa) pages at

Please direct any questions to the Computing Services Help Center at or 412-268-HELP.