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Setup Pine

Note: Pine was discontinued and replaced with a Pine-based product called Alpine. Running the "pine" command will launch Alpine.

Access or Download Pine

Pine has been released to the UNIX environment for the Linux workstations and timeshares.

Pine Authentication

Pine requires Kerberos 5 authentication. Download and install the SSH Tectia Client utility from the My Andrew site. Use the application to establish connections to Solaris and Linux servers when running Pine.

Starting Pine

In order to use Pine, you must have a Cyrus Mail account.

Follow these steps to launch Pine on UNIX:

  1. As described in the previous section, launch SSH Tectia Client to establish connections to the Solaris and/or Linux servers.
  2. At a system prompt, type pine then press Enter.
    The Pine Main Menu appears.

    Note: The first time you launch Pine you are asked if you would like to have an "About Pine" document mailed to you. If you want the document, type Y . If you don't, type N.

Configuring Pine

Pine has already been configured for use on UNIX systems, but you may follow these steps to change certain configuration variables.

  1. At the Main Menu, press S.
    The toolbar commands change.
  2. Press the letter of the setup task you would like.
    Note: Only C (Configuration) and S (Signature) are valid in our environment.
  3. Use the toolbar commands to edit the configuration files and to save your changes.
    For information or help with any of the configuration screens or fields, press ?
Last Updated: 8/28/13