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Setup Entourage on Cyrus

Complete the following steps to setup Entourage to use IMAP to send and receive mail and work with SMTP Authentication.
Note:  These instructions begin after Microsoft Office has been installed and updated.

  1. Launch Entourage. 
    Note: Entourage 2008 users, if the Create an Identity window appears, enter your contact information and follow the window prompts.  Check for Updates when prompted.  We recommend checking for updates Daily.  You may need to re-launch Entourage.
  2. The Entourage Setup Assistant window appears, close it.

    close window
  3. Select Tools > Accounts.
  4. With the Mail tab highlighted on the Accounts window, select New.
    Account window

    Note: If the Account Setup Assistant window appears, click Configure Account Manually.
  5. Select IMAP from the Account Type drop-down menu and click OK.

    The Edit Account window is displayed.

  6. Complete the following fields on the Account Settings tab:
    Personal Information:
    • Account Name: CMU Cyrus Mail
    • Name: Type your name as you'd like others to see it.
    • E-Mail: Type the e-mail address you want others to see.

    Receiving Mail:

    • Account ID: your Andrew ID in lower-case letters (do not include
    • IMAP Server:
    • Password: Do not enter a password here and do not save the password.
      Click Click here for advanced receiving options.
      - Check the box: This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL).
      - Close this pop-up window by selecting the small close box in the upper left corner.

    Sending Mail:

    • SMTP server:
    • Click Click here for advanced sending options.
      - Check the box for SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL).
      - Check the box for Override default SMTP port: and enter 587.
      - Check the SMTP server requires authentication.
      - Select Use same settings as receiving mail server

      Note: The Outgoing server port may default to 25. This is a Microsoft standard outgoing port which MAY work. If you do not change the port number to 587, you may encounter problems sending your outgoing mail. If port 587 fails to work, repeat these steps and enter 465 for the Outgoing server port.
  7. Close this pop-up window by selecting the small close box in the upper left corner.
  8. Click OK.
  9. When prompted to enter your password, click Cancel.
  10. Close (Entourage > Quit Entourage) and Restart Entourage. After you login, Entourage may hang while it locates your bboards and folders.
Last Updated: 2/17/12