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Requesting a Bboard for Group Email Access

Many departments would like to have a departmental email address which allows access to a specified group of people. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Mailing alias - an email address which would automatically send any email to a specific group of people.
  • Departmental bboard - an electronic bboard limited to a specific group of people, who would need to access the bboard to read or respond to any messages.

For group access to a single contact email address, we recommend combining these methods by using an email alias along with an electronic bboard. The email alias is the advertised email address for your group. This email address is then set to forward mail to the departmental bboard. This provides a single email address used to contact your group but multiple people are able to read and respond to the messages.

Note: Your email client can also be configured to show the email alias as the "From" and "Reply To" address on outgoing mail. This is referred to as using a separate identity. Please see the documentation for your specific email client (Outlook, Entourage, Webmail) for detailed steps to create these identities.

Requesting an Email Alias

To request an email alias, send the following information to
Note: If you have not already requested your bboard, combine the following information with your bboard request.

  1. Name of the mail alias (i.e., the email address): This address can be any length, but must contain a hyphen. This is required to differentiate the alias from a standard Andrew userID (e.g.,
  2. Name of the bboard: Specify the name of the bboard that mail will be forwarded to.
  3. List of Andrew userIDs with permission to read and delete messages from the bboard. 

Requesting a Bboard

Before requesting a new bboard, verify that a bboard for this purpose does not already exist. 

To set up a new bboard, send the following information to

  1. Bboard tree
    Use the bboard tree descriptions to determine under which tree the bboard should be located.
  2. Bboard name
    This should include the tree name and adhere to the following naming rules.
    • Do not include any spaces in the bboard name
    • The name must only contain alpha-numeric characters, dashes or underscores, and must not include any other symbols, spaces or dots (other than those necessary to separate the tree structure, e.g., official.computing-news).
    • All lowercase letters.
  3. List of Andrew userIDs that should have read access.
    • The name of a PTS group is acceptable. If you have many people who need access to this bboard, we recommend that you create a PTS group for them.
  4. List of Andrew userIDs that should have "post" access to the bboard. In general, if you are advertising an email alias, you will not want to restrict posting access to your bboard.
    • Again, the name of a PTS group is acceptable.
  5. List of Andrew userIDs that should have administrative access to the bboard (i.e., permission to grant access rights to others).
  6. List of Andrew userIDs that should have rights to delete items from the bboard.
  7. Email this information to
Last Updated: 2/8/12