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Set Access Rights: Viewing

The Access Rights page allows you to set Access Rights for anyone who views your Agenda. Follow these steps.

  1. Click the Edit Access Rights icon. The Access Rights page appears.
  2. Select a user name from the list and click Edit Access Rights.
    • If you choose Default: Any unlisted person, then the viewing rights you set will be given to all users of the system.
    • If you wish to add specific people and give them viewing rights, type the user name and click Find. The user name is displayed in the list with an asterisk (*) to indicate that access rights have not been granted for that user. Now, select that user name and click Edit Access Rights.
  3. The Access Rights page for that user displays. Note that the page is divided into access rights for viewing and designate access rights. These steps describe Viewing rights. Please see Andrew Calendar: Working as a Designate for details on designate access rights.
  4. Click Customize to edit the Viewing access rights for Meetings, Day Events, Daily Notes or Tasks. For Meetings, Day Events and Daily Notes, you can allow users to view entries or view the times only. Access rights can be granted to view Tasks.
  5. Select Scheduling to set scheduling rights for your Agenda. The Can invite you to entries box should always be checked.
  6. When you're finished setting the access rights, click OK to save your changes.
Last Updated: 08/19/09