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Set Agenda Preferences

Through selections available in the Tools and View menus, you can set the Agenda pages to your preferences. Follow these steps to set Agenda preferences:

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Windows: Select Tools > Options. The Options dialog box appears.
    • Mac: Select Oracle Calendar > Preferences. The Andrew Calendar Preferences window appears.
  2. Double-click the option that you want to access (e.g., Agenda, In-tray, Entry Defaults, General, etc.). For example:
    • If you want to disable or set the timing for your reminders globally, select General > Startup, then select the "Enable pop-up reminders" checkbox for meetings, tasks, day events or daily notes. Note that settings you make individually will take precendent over the global setting.
    • To configure Calendar to send e-mail reminders to an alternate e-mail address, select Scheduling > Receive Notification. In the Alternate E-mail Address section, enter the e-mail address and select the checkbox to "Send all email notifications to this address" and/or "Send all email reminders to this address".
    • To automatically switch to off-line when the server is unavailable or to sync your off-line password with your online password select Off-line > Download and select the appropriate check boxes.
    • To enable the automatic name completion option, select Addresses > Address List. Select the Global Address List checkbox, then select the Enable Automatic Name Completion checkbox.
    • To set your preferences so that your tasks are NOT timed by default, select Entry defaults > Tasks. De-select the checkboxes for Default Start Time and Default Due Time.
      Note: If you choose this option, the task you create will display over an infinite number of days.
    • Mac ONLY: To include Attendance status when you print your Agenda, select Print Layout and select the Attendance icon checkbox.
    • Check the box for Current time on the Agenda Display area, if you want a red line to appear on the Agenda window to mark the current time of day.
    • By default, Andrew Calendar includes account information for individuals (department, userID, etc.). To alter this preference, do either of the following:
      • Windows machines: On the Options window (shown above), select General > Formatting. The General Window appears. Deselect the OU1 and OU2 options.
      • Mac machines: On the Preferences window, select General > Names. The General Windows appears. Deselect the OU1 and OU2 options.
    • To change your default preferences for all Entries of a like kind (not just for one specific meeting), you need to set Entry Defaults. Follow these steps to set importance, priority levels and reminder defaults.
      1. Do one of the following:
        • Windows: Select Tools > Options. The Options window appears.
        • Mac: Select Oracle Calendar > Preferences.The Andrew Calendar Preferences window appears.
      2. Select Entry Defaults.
      3. The Entry defaults list contains catagories. Select the Meeting, Tasks, Day Events, or Daily Notes item to set importance levels and reminder defaults for each of these types of Entries.
        For example, you can click on Meetings to set your standard meeting reminder notice to a pop-up window that appears on your screen ten minutes before each of your scheduled meetings.

Last Updated: 3/30/11