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Set Access Rights

The Access Rights dialog box also allows you to set Access Rights for anyone who views your Agenda. Follow these steps.

  1. Select Tools > Access Rights. The Access Rights dialog box appears.
  2. Select the Viewing tab to set viewing rights for Entries in your Agenda window.
  3. Select who you wish to give these rights to. If you choose Default: Any unlisted person, then the rights you set will be given to all users of the system. If you wish to add specific people and give them viewing rights, add them to the list one-by-one, then select them all.
  4. For each type of meeting, check the View Entries box to allow the selected users to see what the meeting is, where it is, and when it happens. Check the View times only box to allow the selected users to see that you have a meeting at the time, but not what or where it is. If the per-meeting-type checkboxes are grayed out and unusable, make sure to uncheck the Full viewing rights and No viewing rights checkboxes.
  5. Instead of setting rights on a per-meeting-type basis, you can simply check the Full Viewing rights or No viewing rights checkbox for the selected users.
  6. Select Scheduling to set scheduling rights for your Agenda. The Can invite you to entries box should always be checked.
  7. When you've finished setting your access rights, click OK to close the Access Rights window.
Last Updated: 08/19/09