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Working as a Designate in Another User's Agenda

Depending on whether you are accessing Andrew Calendar on your desktop or through the Web client, follow the appropriate steps to access an agenda as a designate.

When accessing Andrew Calendar using the desktop client:

  1. To open an agenda that you have designate rights for, do one of the following:
    • Windows: File > Open as Designate.
    • Mac: File > Agenda > Open as Designate.
  2. Select the person or resource name.

When accessing Andrew Calendar through the Web client:

Follow these steps to add a designate to your list of favorites:

  1. Click the View Agendas icon on the Calendar Toolbar.
  2. Enter the appropriate name in the edit box and click Find.
  3. Select the appropriate name from the search results list box.
  4. Click Add to favorites with designate rights.
    Note: The name appears in the Favorites list with a D within parenthesis.
  5. To open the agenda as a designate: select the name in the Favorites list and click Act as designate. The agenda of the selected name is opened.

To open a designate that you have access rights for:

  1. To open an agenda that you have designate rights for, select it from the Favorites drop-down list on your Agenda page and click Go. You only have designate rights to those agendas that are marked with a (D).

    Note: You may need to refresh your browser before this screen appears.
Last Updated: 08/19/09