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Immersive Telepresence

Media Technology Services (MediaTech) provides an immersive telepresence service for enhanced videoconferencing through the Posner Center Telepresence Conference Room. Supported by the Qatar Foundation, the Pittsburgh and Qatar campuses are linked by a Cisco Tandberg Telepresence System. The Pittsburgh facility is located in the Posner Center and a comparable facility is installed on the Carnegie Mellon Qatar campus.

Technology and Installation

Telepresence systems are redefining the remote meeting experience with visually-collaborative technologies that give remote participants the sensation of being at the same table. Pittsburgh’s telepresence installation required collaboration with Posner Center stakeholders, the Office of the President and University Libraries. The system is installed in a specially-designed room where acoustics and lighting enhance the immersive quality of the telepresence experience. Although Posner Center is primarily a secure exhibit and executive
meeting space, procedures are in place to support 24/7 access to the new Posner Center Telepresence Room.

Service Highlights

telepresence1  telepresence3  telepresence2

  • The experience of being fully present at a remote location, giving participants the impression they are together at the same table in the same room
  • Immersive research collaboration, teaching and learning
  • Transparency and ease-of-use


Reservations must be approved by the President’s Office. A minimum of four business days advanced notice is recommended. Reservations may be requested through SpaceQuest.

Contact & Feedback

Supporting a high-end facility like the Posner Center Telepresence Room has required some technical architecture and design enhancements in MediaTech. We’re excited to have this opportunity not only to offer telepresence service, but to enhance the university’s overall network support for high definition video transmissions. We encourage feedback regarding the telepresence service, the Posner Center Telepresence Room, or any aspect of MediaTech services.

Feedback may be sent to