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Live or On-Demand Streaming Media

When you're ready to 'go live' – so is MediaTech. We can stream real-time video to the web for events, lectures, and, actually, any happening that is happening! Our web service also includes hosting 'downloadable' and 'streaming' versions of a recorded event or class, so students or interested viewers can access whenever and wherever wanted.

We can stream your event or class live so audiences around the world will see it as it happens. For instance, our portfolio includes live streams to CMU campus's in Qatar and Australia. In addition, we can host your content in Windows Media and Quicktime formats for on-demand viewing. Mediatech also offers podcasting, vodcasting, uploading to YouTube and iTunes U and provides web addresses you can disseminate as need.  Visit our Media Gallery for a sample of our video production and multimedia design services.

Take a look at our Price List for an estimate of your costs. Price List fees should be viewed as guidelines: actual costs may vary depending on the specific nature of your project.

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