Media Duplication/Conversion-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Media Duplication or Conversion

Existing video and audio residing on tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs and other mediums can be readily converted for playback on today's latest media formats. We can edit your source material into a new presentation, or simply encode it for a new medium.


  • We can transfer footage and audio from a VHS tape to a DVD that will automatically playback on a computer or standard DVD player.
  • We can take a mini-DV tape you have generated and convert it for playback on a computer screen as MP4 files.
  • Even audiotapes can be formatted for digital use.

Let us know what you need. Art and design for the DVD or CD-ROM labels can be generated, providing the final polish for your newly resurrected material.


  • View our Price List to estimate your costs. Price List fees should be viewed as guidelines, actual costs may vary depending on the specific nature of your project.
  • Place your order online using the Video Production form.