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Conference Mics

This feature is ONLY available in Steinberg auditorium and gives the instructor/presenter the option to organize student responses.  To use this feature:

  1. Select the Video Conference tab and then Conference Mics on the touch screen. 
    Conference mics
    A "seating" chart will appear displaying the mics in the classroom.
    Conference mics screen
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Push to Talk- This option is default and does not require the instructor/presenter to do anything.  Students turn on the mic by pressing the "Push" button.  Students will need to hold the "Push" button to talk. See the Using the Mics section for more information. A maximum of three mics can be open at one time.
      Student mic
    • Request to Talk- This option allows students to "buzz-in". From the touch screen, the instructor/presenter turns on the mic for a seat. Only one mic is open at a time. The system will track up to seven requests. 

      In the example below, a student seated at Mic 1 requested to talk by pressing the "Push" button on the mic. He is first, notice the "1".  Mic 3 requested to speak next. Select Next Request to turn on Mic 1.  Select Next Request again, to select Mic 3.
        Request to Talk
      Note: You may select mics out of order. The request order will update after the instructor selects a mic.
  3. Use Clear All Requests to remove all requests to talk.
  4. To return to the Video Conference tab, select Back to Main Controls.
    Note: Once you exit the Conference Mics screen, the Request to Talk option will be turned off.

Using the Mics

Students turn on the mic by pressing the "Push" button. When using Push to Talk, students must hold the "Push" button. With the Request to Talk option, students will not have to hold the "Push" button to talk. The light on the mic will:

  • Blink- This indicates that a request to talk has been accepted into the queue.
    Note: If the light does not blink, when the "Push" button is pressed, there are already seven requests in the queue. The system will only track seven requests using the Request to Talk option.
  • Remain solid- This indicates that the mic is open.
Last Updated: 9/2/08