Using the Touch Screen Controls-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Using the Touch Screen Controls

Once the videoconference system is setup AND is connected to the remote site, use the touch screen to control the cameras, volume and other options.

Camera Controls

To control the local and remote cameras, do the following:

  1. On the touch screen, select the Video Conference tab and then Show Camera Controls.
  2. Select the Control Near End Camera button.
  3. Using the Zoom and Pan/Tilt controls adjust the camera for the local site.
  4. For the remote camera, select the Control Far End Camera button and use the Zoom and Pan/Tilt controls.  Please note, some remote sites may disable this option.
    Camera controls


To control the send or receive volume,  select the Video Conference tab and adjust the volume using the Send or Receive Volume touch screen controls.

Picture in Picture 

Picture in Picture displays a small window in the corner of the projector screen.  Typically, the window shows the local site's classroom.  However, either classroom can be displayed.  To use this option:

  1. Select the Video Conference tab and then Picture in Picture On/Move on the touch screen.  Select the Picture in Picture On/Move button again to move the image to a different corner.
    Picture in picture
  2. If you would like to display the local site as the main image, select Self View on the touch screen.
To turn off this option, choose Picture in Picture Off.


To disconnect from the remote site, select the Video Conference tab and then Disconnect on the touch screen.  To turn off the equipment, select Quit System.

Last Updated: 9/2/08