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Gates 4301 has the current standard classroom technologies (e.g., touch panel, DVD/CD player, document camera, auxiliary panel ports, etc.) installed.  In addition, this special classroom also has a full JBL 7.1 surround sound system and a tactile sound feature.  Together, these two sound systems create an incredible sound experience.  

Surround Sound

When you utilize surround sound encoded media or equipment, a surround sound environment is created within the room.  The equipment automatically adjusts to the proper surround sound formats and can be manually overridden.

Tactile Sound

The surround sound system also has an optional tactile sound feature.  Tactile sound is the transmission of sound through a solid material.  To create tactile sound, tactile transducers have been installed under the floor. These transducers transfer ultra low frequency sound waves, some below the human hearing threshold, by the listener's body rather than through the ear.  The advantage of tactile sound is the overall volume level of the system may be lowered dramatically without sacrificing impact or tone perception.  Since two human senses are being utilized, a fuller range of sound can be experienced.

Last Updated: 10/14/09