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Using Surround Sound with a DVD

To use the surround sound feature with a DVD follow the steps below.  For help getting started with the classroom equipment, see the Large Classroom & Auditorium section.

  1. Place the DVD into the DVD player. 
  2. On the touch panel, touch the Left or the Right projector tab.
  3. Touch DVD and then Sound from DVD.
  4. Play the DVD using the touch panel.
  5. Touch Surround Sound Set Up (below the volume controls).
    Surround Sound Set Up
  6. Touch Audible Sub Woofers.  If desired, touch Tactile Transducers to use the tactile sound option.
    Audible Sub Woofers

    The appropriate decoding option will automatically be detected and displayed.  To manually override this setting, touch the desired surround sound decoding option (e.g., Dolby, DTS, DSP, etc.)
  7. Touch Close Surround Sound Settings Window to close the window and return to the DVD and sound controls.
    Close Surround Sound Settings
  8. Control the volume using the touch panel.
  9. When finished, touch Quit System and log off the computer.

Last Updated: 10/5/09