Contextual Practice [CP]-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Contextual Practice [CP]

BFA Contextual Practice is the first undergraduate program of its kind in the country, engaging students in the study and production of socially engaged art projects that respond to specific public contexts and audiences. All art majors are required to take at least one CP class during their time at CMU.

Extending a history of site-specific, conceptual, public, and performance art practices, Contextual Practice covers a range of exciting experimental approaches to making art in the public including:
  • street art
  • participatory art
  • urban interventions
  • interactive social media
  • public installations
  • politically-engaged art
A wide range of faculty members and visiting artists present Contextual Practice classes.  Ongoing granting and exhibition opportunities are available for students to develop self-initiated projects in the public sphere that create new venues and audiences for art.

BFA CP Course Offerings

BFA CP Opportunities Outside the Classroom