Carnegie Mellon University

Mindfulness and Meditation Offerings on campus

There are multiple opportunities to practice meditation on campus and virtually. Whether you are looking for a guided meditation group, a course to deepen your practice, or workshops and programs that help you explore your curiosity in this space, we host a variety of options to meet community interest. 

Headspace, a free meditation app for the CMU community

Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives is proud to offer current CMU students, faculty and staff a free subscription to Headspace, a meditation, movement, sleep and focus app with over 1000+ hours of content. If you have never meditated before, Headspace has a 10-day beginner’s course called the Basics that will teach you the essentials of meditation. You can also explore a variety of themes such as health, sleep, work and performance, and Headspace Pro. Use your email address to log in to gain access to this new resource.  Please redeem your free subscription to Headspace here

If you are a current CMU undergraduate or graduate student who enjoys using Headspace, we want you to join our CMU Headspace Ambassador Team. The group meets once a month over a mindful meal to discuss how we are using Headspace personally and how we can further promote the resource in our campus community. Please contact Angie Lusk for more information. 

Mindful Living Mini Course

The Mindful Living Course, 99-153, now in its fifth year, is offered in mini two of fall semester 2021 and mini three in spring semester 2021. It will teach participants mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and students will practice daily mindfulness. It is a three-unit, pass/no pass course and is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. It will be taught virtually in the fall. Current students can enroll by searching for Mindful Living in the course catalog. For more details, please contact Angie Lusk

The Power of Rest Restorative Six-Week Program

A non-credit bearing virtual program series, offered in January and February 2021, opened to students, faculty, and staff, centered around themes of managing our own anxieties and fears, setting healthy boundaries to skyrocket our confidence, feeling and being enough, and living out our dreams every day. The series was led by '02 alumna, Eliza Bishop, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor and skilled meditation practitioner. Current CMU community members can watch the recorded sessions here. For more details, please contact Angie Lusk 

Returning this fall, 2021:  Connecting to Nature Mindfulness Series

In this disconnected world, we are excited to repeat a mindfulness series that supports a nature-based mindfulness practice. We welcome any CMU community member to join us for weekly, guided sessions that help you explore your connection to nature and to all living things. No previous experience needed. Participants will meet in person once a week starting in mid-October to share their practice and to receive a framework for the experience and will be encouraged to explore 10 minutes of personal practice outdoors each day throughout the five week series. More information will be announced soon.