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Well-Being Programs & Speakers

Each year, Wellness Initiatives partners with students, faculty and staff to host wellness workshops, programs, and speakers. Life Labs, listed below, showcase a range of well-being topics offered and can be personalized to specific groups, and are applicable to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff. We ask that any request for a Life Lab is placed one month in advance to Angie Lusk.

 A Honest Conversation about Failure

An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation 

Burnout:  How to Manage Stress 

Championing Wellness in your Organization/Department

Mindfulness and Deepening our Connection to the World Around Us

Infuse the Good:  Cultivating a Gratitude Practice

Inspiring Wellness through a Non-American Lens:  Hygge, Lagom, and Wabi-Sabi

Managing Your Energy

Present Over Perfect:  How to Cultivate Mindfulness in Your Life and Work

Resilience:  Moving from a Space of Challenge to One of Commitment

Self-Compassion and our Inner Coach

Sustaining Healthy Habits in a Busy World

We invite at least one national speaker or program to CMU each year through Wellness Initiatives. Check back soon regarding this year's wellness program highlight. 

The following are previous speakers:

Transforming Chronic Pain to Reclaim Your Life with Eliza Bishop

Session 1 is all about how to shift your mindset, so that you are in the driver's seat and know how to approach and work with your chronic pain. Session 2 is focused on practical steps to relief and application. 
Eliza Bishop was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 2002 while completing her undergraduate academic degree at Carnegie Mellon University. Grateful for the relief from chronic back and neck pain, Eliza grew to appreciate the insight yoga offers into the connections between physical, mental, and emotional patterns and its value as a tool for developing the mind. In 2008, Eliza made her first trip to India to study with living lineage masters. During these years in India, Eliza also undertook Buddhist study courses, completed meditation retreats, and continues these practices, as an integrated part of her daily life. Eliza also enjoys working with language and has published a full length book of poetry, regularly has articles or poems appear in journals and magazines, and currently works as an editor and proofreader for the Namchak Foundation. Eliza guides yearly retreats, has a podcast "Beyond Bones, Kitchen Table Conversations with a Doctor and her Yoga Teacher," is highly invested in working privately with clients to change their mindsets, and she is invested in continually learning along these paths of transformation. Watch session 1 here and session 2 here.

Dennis Gillan

In this Spring of 2019 talk, Dennis takes us on a very personal rollercoaster ride of emotions as he explains how he recovered from the suicide deaths of both of his brothers. Dennis will discuss the warning signs of mental distress, the benefits of therapy, and how he found peace in sobriety. Using humor and personal story, Dennis has a message that is both real and relatable. This event is free and open to the CMU community. 

Jeremy Hunter

*this event has passed but the video link is below

How do you bring greater calm and clarity to solve challenging problems? How do you stay on target and find the energy to keep moving ahead? How do you create positive options where none seem present? Join us for a conversation with Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D., who serves as the Associate Professor of Practice and the Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. His work redefines and enhances productivity by cultivating at quality of mind. He will define what is mindfulness and how we can utilize the practice in life and in our work. He has lived over 17 years with a potentially terminal illness, all while helping leaders relentlessly develop themselves while retaining their humanity in the face of monumental change and challenge. 

Click here to watch the video recording of this lecture. Enjoy!

Sponsored by Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives, in partnership with the University Lecture Series