Carnegie Mellon University
Deliberative Loop

Deliberative Loop on Campus Culture

At the March 19, 2013 deliberative loop event on campus culture, we hosted close to 100 community members in our effort to explore recent themes on personal wellness and to gain a deeper understanding of the perspectives held by our entire community. To ensure a successful deliberative dialogue, it was important we gather a diversity of opinions and a representative sample of the campus community. We were fortunate to have a broad range of participants including undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni that came to share their voices and help us explore these important issues. Following is a summary of findings based on survey results from the event.

Participants were offered twenty choices as possible opportunities that CMU should explore that would have positive personal impact as well as a broader impact on campus culture. Here are the top five selections, listed in order of how often they were noted throughout all survey responses.

1. Greater oversight and alignment of course units to actual work load
2. Equipping students with the tools to be greater self-advocates of their personal well-being
3. Services to talk with a trained counselor about stress or other concerns at the immediate point of need
4. Peer mentoring programs
5. Seminar for the first year undergraduate transition to Carnegie Mellon

Results suggest that these key opportunities are ripe for exploration as we prioritize resources and move forward toward the solution phase of positive ways to enhance campus culture. For further results, here is a more comprehensive survey summary (.doc) from the deliberative loop event.