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September 27, 2017

5.2.4 Release Notes

The 5.2.4 release includes many small improvements to the appearance and rendering of pages which use the CMS templates, as well as to the CMS interface.


  • Major improvements have been made to the print stylesheets for all sites. Page content is more print-friendly.
  • An improvement was made to the accessibility of the side navigation, improving the experience for those using screen readers.
  • The side navigation no longer reloads when clicking through child pages. Sections with deep links are easier to navigate.
  • Pullquote/blockquote styling is more prominent. These styles can be applied using the WYSIWYG field in HTML mode.
  • Nested lists indent properly.
  • A "scroll to top" icon appears in the lower right of long pages.
  • More departments are listed in the Department dropdown on Bio and Short Bio pages.
  • If “select” is the option for the CMU Departments field on Bio and Short Bio pages, Department will not display. Previously, the word "-Select-" rendered on the page.


To ensure the side navigation, print stylesheets and bio improvements are applied to your live site, publish your site following the CMS publishing guidelines at your earliest convenience. Full site publishes should be done before 9 am, after 5 pm or during the weekend.