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June 13, 2017

5.2.2 Release Notes

The 5.2.2 release includes several small fixes to address the rendering of ordered lists; the encoding and handling of image URLs with spaces in the name; and the ability for users to display navigation deeper than four levels.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Ordered lists now display properly. Previously, the first number of any digit over 10 was hidden, and the list appeared to be out of order. Action: No action required.
  2. When uploading images with spaces in their name, users were not able to see those images in the CMS or after publishing, because spaces in image URLs were not properly encoded. The images now display. However, you are strongly encouraged to remove or replace spaces in image and document names when uploading to the CMS. Action: No action required.
  3. Users were not previously able to display navigation deeper than four levels in the sidebar menu. The four level limit has been lifted. Action: If your site has more than four levels of navigation, a full-site republish is required.
  4. For some users, adding a sidebar when the associated content area is empty caused the sidebars not to show. This issue has been fixed. Action: If you are experiencing the missing sidebars issue, a full site republish is required