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Build a Short Bio

A Short Bio features multiple people on a single page. This page type is useful as a contact page. It offers the following page elements:

  • Pre-styled biography details
  • Hero (photo, silent video or news article)
  • Additional content area

Create the Page

  1. Select the folder in the asset tree where you want the short bio page.

  2. Select New > Bio > Short Bio (menu bar).
  3. Complete the required information:
    • System Name - type the file name to be displayed in the asset tree and the live web address. See Best Practices for more on selecting a system name.
    • Title - type the page name to be displayed in the navigation.
    • Description - type a summary of the page content.
    • Hide from Navigation - select yes to hide the current page in the navigation.
  4. Complete the Short Bio, Person and Content elements.

Add Short Bio Information (optional)

  1. Add a social media image if different from the default.
  2. Add a hero.
  3. Include a summary of those featured on the page for Intro Text

Add Person Bio Information

  1. Complete the Person section. Specific fields are detailed below. Fields that are required are starred in the CMS interface.
    • Image- browse  and navigate to the person’s image (800x800).
    • Make high resolution (optional) - browse to a high-resolution image (150dpi, jpg format) This image may be downloaded for printable materials.
    • CMU Indicia College - select the CMU college of graduation, if applicable.
    • Person Links - link to the individual's website or social media. Select Open in New Window for external links. Click + to add another link. Links display in a sidebar.
    • Bio - WYSIWYG for biographical information. Select the Collapse checkbox to make the Bio area expand/collapse. 
  2. Click + to add another Person section.

Add Additional Content (optional)

Use the Content WYSIWYG area for basics such as text, links, tables or images. Select expand/collapse or sidebar to add, organize and display related information. You can also add a grid or slideshow.