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Marketing & Communications with Computing Services

Manual Rebuild Checklist

  • Submit migration choice via the web form.
  • Plan staff & resources for building a site from scratch.
  • Register for workshops (optional).
  • Review the CMS Demo site as well as new training and resource materials to help you learn the v5 templates.

Note: Sites will be scheduled for manual rebuild in phases. Computing Services will communicate the date and details of the creation of the new site two weeks in advance.

  • Download version 4 site backup from the Box link provided by Computing Services.
  • Create, review and finalize a content outline.
  • Review existing copy and create new site copy as needed.
  • Gather additional photography (optional).
  • Manually build all pages.
  • Add third-party analytics code to site setup block (optional).
  • Proofread and test all pages.
  • Publish site on staging server and review with your team and site stakeholders.
  • Plan any necessary URL redirects.
  • Submit a publish request at least 10 business days before the desired live date. Indicate if you would like the Online Strategy team to review the site prior to launch. Include specifications for redirects. (Deadline: October 1, 2017)
  • Bring unresolved questions to office hours (optional).
  • Check broken links (optional).
  • If you added third-party analytics, verify data is being sent to the analytics tool (optional).

Important Notes

  • Pages cannot be copied between v4 and v5 websites. All files must be downloaded and uploaded from the site backup provided via Box. Text will need to be manually copied and pasted into the new site.
  • Once a new site is created, the content will need to be managed in both the v4 and v5 sites until the v5 site goes live. To avoid duplicative work, we recommend launching your v5 site as soon as possible.
  • For help, refer to the how-to section of this site or contact the Computing Services Help Center at 412-268-4357 (HELP) or