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Auto-Migration Checklist

Note: Sites will be scheduled for auto-migration in phases. Computing Services will communicate the date and details of your site migration one month in advance. If this timeslot conflicts with critical business processes, opt-out and your site will be scheduled for another date.

A reminder will be sent from Computing Services one week in advance of auto-migration date.

  • Review updated navigation, clean out unnecessary pages and organize remaining pages.
  • Check formatting and layout on all pages.
    • Note: tables widths may need to be removed or adjusted.

  • Important: review specific field-level changes.
  • Proofread and test all pages.
  • Publish site on staging server, and review with your team and site stakeholders.
  • Plan any necessary URL redirects if you'd like to automatically send your website visitors from one URL to another.
  • Submit a site launch request. Indicate if you would like the Online Strategy team to review the site prior to launch. Include specifications for redirects (Deadline: two weeks after site migration).

Optional Action Items

  • Gather additional photography (optional).
  • Remove header photo and add hero (optional).
  • Review pages that previously had custom code blocks (only applicable for sites with manually added custom code).
  • Add third-party analytics code to site setup block (optional).
  • Bring unresolved questions to office hours (optional).
  • Download the v4 site backup from the Box link provided by Computing Services.
  • Check for broken links (optional).
  • If you added third-party analytics, verify data is being sent to the analytics tool (optional).

Important Notes

  • Custom code will need to be reapplied, such as analytics code.
  • Once a site is auto-migrated, the content will need to be managed in both the v4 and v5 sites until the v5 site goes live. To avoid duplicative work, we recommend launching your v5 site as soon as possible.
  • Old page versions and recycle bin items are lost in the auto-migration process.
  • For help, refer to the how-to or FAQ auto-migration section of this site or contact the Computing Services Help Center at 412-268-4357 (HELP) or