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Transition Your Site

Transition your v4 website to the most current web template design (v5) for more flexibility, responsiveness and a modern look and feel.

You have two options to transition your website to the new template design: manual rebuild and auto-migration. The details and benefits for each are outlined below.


Auto-migration entails your v4 website being automatically transferred to the new CMS template design (v5). This is a good solution for very large sites with many pages, or if you are satisfied with your current site and do not need to make significant structural changes. Get an idea of how your website will look with helpful auto-migration diagrams.


  • Fastest way to migrate your v4 website to the new CMS template design (v5).
  • All site assets (images, files, etc.) are automatically transferred


  • Requires review/spot-checking of pages to ensure the transfer was adequate to expectations
  • Provides the least amount of control over initial page layout, but areas can be edited to preference

See Auto-Migration checklist

Manual Rebuild

A manual rebuild entails manually moving content from your v4 website to the new CMS template design (v5). Manual rebuild is a great solution for websites that are smaller in size, or if you are looking to make some structural changes to your site and want a clean slate.



  • It will be time-consuming to rebuild your v4 website in the new CMS template design (v5)
  • Site assets (images, files, etc.) must be reuploaded to the new website

See Manual Rebuild checklist

Have questions about the transition?

If you have questions about the transition and/or the new design, let us know using the Transition to v5 Questions form.  Note: this form isn’t used for help/support, only general questions about the presentation, transition or the new design. Technical questions regarding the CMS should be submitted to

Missed the information session?

For those of you who couldn’t join us for the spring information session, the slides and notes are available for you to review:

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