PI: Yang Cai

Member: Guillaume Milcent


After the bombing in London subways, investigators took four days to identify suspects of the bombers from 3,000 surveillance cameras in London subways.
The goal is to develop a semantic object detection system for real-time video processing as the event happens, as well as afterwards.

The by-product of this technology is the reduction of network data traffic and evidence retrieving time. Consequently, it would preserve privacy as the data emission becomes minimal, or on-demand.



We tested algorithms on the real footage from Bombardier’s C-100 People Mover.



  • Transit surveillance systems.
  • Cargo security surveillance systems.
  • Transportation safety systems.
  • Passenger dynamics monitoring systems.
  • Elderly care systems.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Border security systems.
  • Onboard autonomous processing.
  • Video on-demand transmission.
  • Ambient intelligence systems.
  • Smart TV systems.


Guillaume Milcent and Yang Cai, “Unattended baggage detection systems,” CyLab Technical Report, 2006.