We intend to make machines understand and inherit instincts of living creatures. Foraging, sensing, and surviving will be essential to new computing systems. Up to now literature for intelligent systems has exalted logic, statistics, and control. We intend to exalt subconscious, visual thinking, reflex, analogy, empathy and intuition. We say that the ultimate distinguish of a machine and an animal is instinct. The world’s magnificence has been enriched by the inner drive; the profound drive of our everyday life.

We want to understand the common senses of living creatures. We want to study the specialties of individual species as well. The researcher must spend time with insets, marine lives, animals and children, to swell the essential primitive thinking. Instinctive Computing must be conceived as a meta-program, not a violent attack on traditional Artificial Intelligence. Instead, it is an aggressive leap for a real, earthy, and working intelligence.

We will glorify our basic instincts – the natural forces embedded inside us. We shall design instinctive products, environments. If we can’t make machines act instinctively, make them think instinctually.

We will destroy academic barriers of every kind, where human nature is a forbidden backwater. We will sing of growing crowds excited by ideas, by work, by pleasure, and by rebellion; we will sing of the new metaphor, new discovery, and new hope.