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Meeting of the Minds 2014
Abuzz with Brilliance

Vanessa Branch, BHA
Illustrations & Other Creations 

Jennifer Keating-Miller; Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research & National Fellowships
Outrage! New Carnegie Mellon Books Explores Art, Controversy and Society
January 2013 

Elizabeth Davis; Computer Science
Welcome Back, Students!
August 2012 

Eric Blood; Engineering
The Right Stuff
August 2012 

Lazae LaSpina; Art
Eco Art
Greening Vacant Lots in Wilkinsburg
June 2012 

Julie Mallis; Humanities and Arts
Journey To A Notherland
November 2011 

Ethan Frier, Jonathan Ota, Stephen Stadelmeier; Design
Core 77 International Design Awards
July 2011 

James Bursley, Psychology
"Carnegie Mellon Announces Winners of Inaugural Rothberg Research Awards in Human Brain Imaging," CMU Website
July 2011 

Patrick Dougherty, Mechanical Engineering
"South Notables," Pittsburgh Post Gazette
June 2011 

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Get a Load of This," CMU Homepage
May 2011 

Solar Splash
"Pushing the Limits," CMU Homepage
July 2010 

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Meeting of the Minds: Undergraduates Display Their Research," (Page 12), the Piper
June 2010

CMU Robot Soccer
"CMU robot soccer team has a big leg up on competition," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 14, 2010

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Get a Load of This," Carnegie Mellon University Website
May 5, 2010

Undergraduate Research, General
"Undergraduates break tradition, leap ahead with research," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
March 15, 2010

"Improving Energy Costs," Carnegie Mellon University Website
January 19, 2010

Jessica Jankowitsch, Psychology & David Rakison, Psychology Faculty
"Girls Have Head Start on Snake and Spider Fears," ScienceNews
August 28, 2009

Eric Blood, Mechanical Engineering
"Student Interns at Nasa," Carnegie Mellon University Website
August 25, 2009

Terry Boyd: Art
The Waffle Shop
"CMU merges art with reality TV and fresh waffles," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Jun 29, 2009

Daniel S. Eisenberg: Computer Science
"New Java Programming Tools Employs Human-centered Design Techniques," ScienceDaily
Jun 18, 2009

School of Design (Defne Civelekoglu, Nadeem Haidary, Christopher Peh-Chen, Andrea Irwin, Victoriya Kovalchuk, Nicholas Haeglin, Federico Rios, and Luther Young III)
"School of Design Students, Faculty in 2009 Meeting of the Minds," School of Design News
Jun 15, 2009

Dyanna Becker: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineers Without Borders
"The future is here at Carnegie Mellon's Meeting of the Minds," Pop City Media
May 13, 2009

Meeting of the Minds, General
"April 30: Carnegie Mellon Student Work Showcased at Undergraduate Research Symposium, May 6," Carnegie Mellon University News
Apr 30, 2009

Meeting of the Minds, General
"14th Annual Meeting of the Minds: From Outerwear to Organics, Undergraduate Research Inspires Buzz in Every College," Carnegie Mellon Piper
Apr, 2009

Asa Watten: Political Science
Environmental Sculpture
"Asa Watten: An Environmental Approach," Carnegie Mellon University Homepage
Feb 27, 2009

Robotics Club
Robot Colony Project
"Students display innovative designs at Tech showcase," The Tartan
Feb 23, 2009

Dawn Weleski: Fine Arts
Bus Stop Opera
"CMU students ready to take musical theater to Port Authority bus stops," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Feb 23, 2009

URO, General
"20 years of undergraduate research: Undergraduate studies interpersonal relationships," The Tartan
Oct 27, 2008

Asa Watten: Political Science
"Biofueled Mind," Carnegie Mellon Today
Oct, 2008

"20 years of undergraduate research: Students work on Lunar X PRIZE project," The Tartan
Sep 22, 2008

URO General
"20 years of undergraduate research," The Tartan
Sep 15, 2008

Odyssey, General
"Tell Me, O Muse," Carnegie Mellon Today
Jul 2008

Bhargav Bhat, Hemant Sikaria, Jorge L. Meza: ECE
"Glove converts sign language into sound," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 8, 2008

Meeting of the Minds, General
"May 1: Student Work Showcased at Meeting of the Minds Research Symposium, May 7," Carnegie Mellon News
May 1, 2008

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Meeting of the Minds to be held," The Tartan
Apr 28, 2008

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Meeting of the Minds: A Celebration of Student Research," Carnegie Mellon University Homepage
Spring 2008

URO, General
"Student Affairs Sponsor Personal Development Programs," Carnegie Mellon Newsletter
Feb 21, 2008

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Symposium celebrates undergraduate research," The Tartan
Apr 30, 2007

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Meeting of the Minds," Carnegie Mellon Today
Apr, 2007

Meeting of the Minds, General
"Meeting of the Minds: A Celebration of Student Research," Carnegie Mellon Homepage
Spring, 2007

Navid Shams: MCS
"Opportunities Abound: An Undergrad's Experience in Neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon," Carnegie Mellon University Homepage
Fall 2007

URO, General
"Getting your foot in the door: The truth about summer internships," The Tartan
Apr 9, 2007

URO, General
"It's time for summer grants!" The Tartan
Feb 19, 2007

URO, General
"New Undergraduate Research Journal Lands on Campus," Carnegie Mellon Today
Jun, 2006

URO, General
"Carnegie Mellon Presents New Undergraduate Research Journal Managed Entirely by Students," Carnegie Mellon Press Release
May 11, 2006

URO, General
"Thought: A student research forum," The Tartan
Dec 5, 2005

Anna Vogelzang: Voice & Eric Boulanger: ECE
The Things that Airplanes Do
"Making of a Microphone: Students Find Recording Studio to be Interdisciplinary Hub," Carnegie Mellon University Homepage
Spring 2007

Kimberly Kicielinski: Chemistry, Psychology
"Student's Research Helps Identify New Cancer Drug," Carnegie Mellon Today
Jun, 2006

William Cravis: Fine Art
Printing to the Sky
"Around Campus: Printing to the Sky," Carnegie Mellon Today
Jun, 2006