Carnegie Mellon University

Jennings Brave Companions Award: How to Apply

Application Checklist

These items must be completed and uploaded through the URO Research Grant/Program System by the published deadline. Please see the Application Instructions page for details on how to submit your application materials.

  • Jennings Family Brave Companions Fund Application Form (Please download the form, complete, then save an upload with the other materials)
  • Personal Statement (see details below)
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Copy of your CMU Financial Aid Letter
  • One Letter of Reference from a faculty member, advisor, or student affairs representative. The letter will be uploaded by the writer. *Please note that the online application form will reference your “faculty mentor” but you may add your letter-writer whether or not they are faculty.

Personal Statement:

Please include a Personal Statement of up to 1000 words that provides a more personal introduction to you and helps the committee better understand your motivations for study abroad.  It should 1). Describe how your background and experiences have shaped your goals, interests, and access to opportunities; and 2). Explain how your targeted study abroad program supports your academic and professional plans.

Important topics for the personal statement include but are not limited to:

  • Key aspects of your personal/family background, upbringing, and life experiences
  • Your major academic and professional interests and goals
  • The major activities and achievements (research, athletics, leadership, service, etc.) during your time at Carnegie Mellon and how they have led to the interests and goals you now have
  • The factors influencing your choice of study abroad program and location, and what you hope to gain from the experience in relation to your key interests and goals
  • The activities (coursework, research, extracurriculars, etc.) that have prepared you to thrive in your targeted study abroad program