What are the issues that motivate the Community Think Tank's process of inquiry?

The Think Tank and its companion projects have focused on three areas for action:
  1. Entering the World of Work

    Urban communities have a history of struggle around work and a repertoire of strategies for dealing with limited resources, substandard schooling, and subtle racism. Yet many new employees still struggle with the challenge of cultural "cross-walking." They have trouble reading the complex, tacit expectations of their workplaces and must confront competing notions of teamwork, responsibility or respect. The Think Tank seeks to understand this process of intercultural negotiation by asking: how are employers, employees, and their supporters reading these problematic situations--and each others' actions? What are the options for change?

    See what college students, community members, and instructors are learning from a variety of intercultural inquiry projects.
    See a list of the Think Tank's findings.

  2. Capacity Building in WorkPlaces and WorkLives

    Local Action Think Tanks replicate the process of a Community Problem-Solving Dialogue within individual workplaces. Bringing all levels of staff into a common, structured dialogue, they help managers draw on the untapped expertise of all workers to solve problems (such as performance, recruitment,or retention). And they help workers build the problem-solving capacity to name problems, share rivals, seek options, and take action in their WorkPlaces.

    See the Findings from Healthcare:The Dilemma of Teamwork, Time, and Turnover (a Local Action Think Tank with staff in senior care centers.)
    Look at an in progress inquiry in the food service industry

  3. Developing Decision Makers

    The problem-solving strategies that change workplaces can help young people and employees become strong decision makersx in their personal and work lives. Read about an on-line tool that supports growth in WorkPlace and WorkLife decision making in the Decision Makers' Asset Assessment and Journey Book.