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Dean Robert M. Dammon

We thank Dean Dammon for his contributions to the Tepper School of Business.

In the nine years that Robert M. Dammon has led the Tepper School, he has brought the same approach to his role as an administrator that he brought to the classroom: thoughtful, encouraging, and analytical. These qualities have endeared him to faculty, alumni, and students alike, and will leave a lasting legacy in shaping the school's future.

A Level-Headed Legacy | Tepper Magazine, Summer 2020

"(He is) an ardent champion for the Tepper School of Business. The entire CMU community is grateful for his nine years of service as dean."

— Farnam Jahanian, President, Carnegie Mellon University

cmu president farnam jahanian
sevin yeltekin
"I think that’s the environment that Bob has always tried to create: that people work together for the common good, for the higher good."

— Sevin Yeltekin, Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor, Professor of Economics, Senior Associate Dean of Education

Through The Years

dean robert m. dammon
dean dammon with associate dean mike trick in posner hall
dean robert m. dammon with students in posner hall
dean dammon holding a customized stelers jersey
dean dammon at heinz field
dean dammon in posner hall
"You see people’s character most when they have a choice between doing the easy thing and the hard thing, and the hard thing is in keeping with their moral compass. Bob does the hard thing, the right thing."

— Alan Scheller-Wolf, Richard M. Cyert Professor of Operations Management, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research

alan scheller wolf
Gunjan Kedia
"He was why so many of us chose to go into finance as a career. He’s truly gifted that way, in making everyone feel heard."

— Gunjan Kedia (MSIA 1994), Business Board of Advisors

Through The Years

dean dammon with david tepper
dean dammon at quad construction site
dean dammon quad opening
dean dammon at the intersect conference
dean dammon with students
dean dammon at graduation with robot
mark coblitz

"Bob did a terrific job of engaging multiple CMU constituencies, including administration, deans, faculty and staff, students, alumni, and his Business Board of Advisors to propel Tepper to become a singular, constantly innovative business school of the future."

— Mark Coblitz (MSIA 1982), Business Board of Advisors

Key Accomplishments During Dean Dammon's Tenure | Tepper Magazine, Summer 2020

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