Carnegie Mellon University

Tuition and Financial Aid

Carnegie Mellon follows a need-blind admission policy, which means we do not admit U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. based on their families’ ability to pay for their education.

Applying for financial aid will have no effect on your chances for regular admission. Carnegie Mellon’s financial assistance program is designed to meet our dual goal of helping prospective students who have demonstrated financial need afford the cost of education and rewarding those students who have outstanding talents and abilities. Need-based financial assistance is used to enroll high-quality students. Highest quality students will receive the most favorable financial assistance packages. 

Undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University's Pittsburgh campus all pay the same full-time tuition and part-time unit fees. Prospective students are encouraged to explore information provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admission on their tuition and feesfinancial aid overview, and financial aid estimator pages.

The undergraduate economics program offers employment opportunities to the entire undergraduate population in the form of grading positions, proctoring positions, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. Outside of our program, students find employment at the university as work-study and non-work-study staff, including Academic Development tutors, office assistants, campus resident assistants, and community advisors and more.