Carnegie Mellon University

Economics Graduate Seth Henry

B.A. in Economics (Concentration: Global Change and Disruption)
Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Minor in International Relations and Politics

The economics program has provided me with a wide and deep set of skills that can be implemented across all business and policy fields. When I walk into a room, I'm confident that I'm prepared to join in the discussion at hand.

Why are studying economics?

I am studying economics because it embodies my love for diversity and flexibility. I love that economics is a way of thinking and that this mindset can be applied to, virtually, any field. Carnegie Mellon has done a great job incorporating the quantitative, analytical, and theoretical side of economics into the program. Now, I feel empowered to go into a variety of fields and feel confident in what I can bring to the table!

Do you have a favorite economics course? If so, which one and why?

Emerging Markets. This course allowed me to use the models and methods I have been taught throughout my four years, and use them to research an area of my own choice.  Using these models, I constructed my own measurement system and revealed portions of an economy that could not be found elsewhere. After taking this class, I felt like a true economist!

Do you have advice for incoming CMU students?

Yes! Branch out and make sure to diversify your experiences! Go to athletic events, attend a CMU Drama play, and take some computer science classes! Your overall experience will be 5x better after expanding your horizon here at Carnegie Mellon.

Do you have advice for students studying economics?

To keep it short, my advice would be try to enjoy your econ classes. Look for the interesting portions of the subject and latch onto it because there will be times where economics is a little tough. Regardless, it is well worth it!

Describe your typical weekday morning

After I wake up, I shower, get dressed, and when I have time, I make some eggs, bacon and cereal! My first class is either at 9:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.--  so as you can see, my morning either starts very late or very early. After classes, I head over to work at the Tepper Undergraduate Programs' front desk.

Describe your typical weekday afternoon

My typical weekday afternoon starts with lunch from anywhere from the Exchange to somewhere in the Tepper Quad. After classes and lunch, I would then head over to Skibo to do some basketball skill training followed by a lift. During the season, I would lift and practice after my classes, but since the season is over, I get to organize most of my time.

Describe your typical weekday evening

The latest class I have is on Monday and sometime this class goes until 9:20 p.m. Other than that, my latest class ends around 4:20 p.m. After my day is over I usually get food from somewhere on campus or I make some food at home. This could be anything from steak to pasta. I like to study and work on homework during my work time at the Tepper desk when I don't have any projects. If I can't get work done there, I usually just work on it at home, but sometimes I will head over to the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to get stuff done if I want to see my friends at the same time.

Describe your typical weekend

My weekend is usually pretty chill. It either involves basketball, homework, studying, and sometimes traveling back to Maryland. If I get my work done on time, I can go out with some friends but otherwise I will be in the gym or working on my studies.

Is there anything else that you would want to share about your "typical day"?

Every day is a great day!  If I have time, I like to work on my music, watch TV shows, or play video games! I make sure to give myself some "me" time everyday. This way, I won't be stressed out! Most of my friends have adopted this frame of thinking as well, so in general I am surrounded with people that know how to handle stress.