Carnegie Mellon University

Neha Srinivasta

B.S. in Economics and Statistics
Minor in Business Administration


Why are you studying economics?

I like to explore how everything in our society is connected. Economics can allow us to understand so much of the world around us in terms of country relations and consumer preferences depending on your interest!

Do you have a favorite economics course? If so, which one and why?

I really enjoyed Emerging Markets. I like seeing how all other economics concepts I had learned applied to events happening right now across the globe.!

Describe your typical weekday morning

I usually wake up around 8:30 and make myself breakfast in my apartment before heading to class around 9:30. On some days I have work at the library before my classes which lets me finish any work I may have procrastinated the night before.

Describe your typical weekday afternoon

I usually work at the library during the afternoons, either by myself or with friends. Sometimes I like to get a snack from Craig Street to fuel up before potentially going to the gym.

Describe your typical weekday evening

I like to keep my evenings free to make myself dinner and hang out with my friends. Sometimes I have club meetings in the late afternoons for Moneythink which we usually order dinner for all together.

Describe your typical weekend

Over the weekend I like to hang out with my friends. Usually we go out to eat in Squirrel Hill or Oakland since there are so many great restaurants around campus.