Carnegie Mellon University

Meet the Undergraduate Economics Leadership Team


Burton Hollifield
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Jennifer Wegner (Ed.D.)
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs


Laurence Ales
Director, Undergraduate Research in Economics

Kathleen Conway

Kathleen Conway
Senior Academic Advisor and Program Manager, Undergraduate Economics Program

Economics-Educational Affairs Committee 

The Economics-Educational Affairs Committee  (1) provides counsel to the Program Head/Executive Director and input and feedback regarding the administration of the curriculum;   (2) oversight of the program and course offerings (see below); and (3) may also be consulted regarding actions related to students’ standing in the program and review of student appeals.

  • Chair: Burton Hollifield
  • Dennis Epple
  • John Gasper
  • Nick Muller
  • Maryam Saeedi 
  • Steve Spear
  • Ariel Zetlin-Jones
(updated January 2022)