Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Project Course

The senior project course allows senior economics students to showcase the qualitative and quantitative skills that they have acquired while at Carnegie Mellon. 

With the goal of producing independent and original research, students are asked to:

  • Synthesize and integrate the material learned in their economics coursework.
  • Identify a research project that can be completed within the allotted time frame.
  • Create, write and present a research project.
  • Manage their relationships with their peers so that their working groups are productive.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the research in the write-up of their final project.
  • Justify their research findings to a wide-ranged audience.

Recent project titles include:

  • "A Model for Correlating Growth of GDP and Informality in an Economy"
  • "Competition Between Hospitals in Florida"
  • "Connecting Monetary Policies with the Exchange Rate in the Euro Crisis"
  • "Consumer Behavior: Upgrading, Who Will Do It and Why?"
  • "Examining Price Elasticity and Market Share of HEVs and EVs in Light of the 2008 Recession"
  • "Identifying the Factors Influencing Foreclosures in Pennsylvania"
  • "Monopolies on Alcohol Consumption"
  • "What Factors Helped Pittsburgh Ride Out the Recent Crisis in the Real Estate Market"
  • "Which School is the Most Bang-for-Your-Buck?: An Analysis of Return on Investment of Selective Universities and Contributing Factors"
  • "Whipping Detroit Back Into Shape: A Study Into the Effectiveness of Public vs. Private Intervention in the American Automobile Industry"