Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Honors Program

The Tepper School Senior Honors Program in Economics provides qualified students with the opportunity to engage in original research during their senior year at Carnegie Mellon.

The primary rewards of participating in the honors program in economics are three-fold:

  • First comes the satisfaction of undertaking and completing an original piece of research. Working independently or with a faculty member to identify a research question and claim ownership of its discovery process is a rewarding experience.

  • Second is the opportunity to challenge yourself intellectually.

  • Third is the opportunity to graduate with Tepper School Honors. For many, this process of intellectual inquiry and knowledge creation is the highlight and culmination of their undergraduate academic experience.

Students are invited into the Tepper School Senior Honors Program in Economics during their junior year. Invitation is based on academic achievement at Carnegie Mellon, ability to work independently and tenacity of spirit. Requirements for this program include an approved selection of upper-level economic electives and participation in the Senior Honors Research in Economics Colloquium.