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Strategy and Markets

This concentration focuses on the economics of modern business: How are business organized and workers motivated? How are the interests of shareholders and managers aligned? How do businesses compete? How should governments regulate business?

Courses in the concentration explore many dimensions of firm behavior, including personnel economics, competitive strategy, and the firm-government interface. Economic models, market analysis, and game theory are deployed and integrated with data analysis and case studies. This concentration is especially suitable for students considering careers in consulting or management. 

Courses in the concentration include:

  • 73-315: Market Design
  • 73-341: Within the Firm: Managing Through Incentives
  • 73-347: Game Theory for Economists
  • 73-353: Economics Foundations of Regulation with Applications to Financial Markets
  • 73-365: Firms, Market Structures, and Strategy
  • 73-366: Designing the Digital Economy
  • 73-423: Forecasting for Economics and Business
  • 73-449: Social, Economic, and Information Networks
  • 73-469: Global Electronic Markets: Economics and the Internet