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Global Markets and Finance 

This concentration focuses on macroeconomics and finance. It is designed for students interested in current macroeconomic policy debate and those seeking a deeper economic perspective on financial issues.

Courses within the concentration explore the sources of financial crises, the determination of exchange rates, and the role of central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, in impacting asset prices. Other courses give students the opportunity to explore key macroeconomic topics in depth. The concentration is relevant for students interested in careers in international finance or macroeconomic consulting.

Courses In the concentration include:

  • 70-490: Big Data and Machine Learning in Finance
  • 73-258: Developing Blockhain Use Case
  • 73-338: Financial Crises and Risk
  • 73-367: Technology Jobs and the Future of Work
  • 73-372: International Money and Finance
  • 73-421: Emerging Markets
  • 73-423: Forecasting for Economics and Business