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Newspaper headline about globl economic crisis

Global Change and Disruption 

Globalization and accelerating technological change are transforming and often disrupting the business and policymaking environment. The emergence of new markets in Asia and Africa is shifting the locus of economic activity and dynamism. Businesses and policymakers are increasingly impacted by a warming and more variable climate and by a more mobile population.

The Global Change and Disruption concentration is a collection of courses focused on the key trends reshaping the world economy. It provides students with the analytical tools to understand these trends and their likely implications for businesses and policymakers. It offers courses focused on the economics of emerging markets, disruptive technological change, migration and climate change. This concentration is valuable for students considering careers in strategic consulting or public policy.

Courses in the concentration include:

  • 73-338: Financial Crises and Risk
  • 73-367: Technology Jobs and the Future of Work
  • 73-421: Emerging Markets
  • 73-427: Sustainability, Energy, and Environmental Economics