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Advanced Quantitative Methods

The ability to combine economic analysis and advanced mathematical and statistical skills is valuable in many professions. The advanced quantitative economic methods concentration contains only courses that have a high component of advanced economic theory and quantitative analysis and is designed for students who wish to acquire advanced training in economic analytics.

Students in this concentration will be well-prepared for a broad array of future economic endeavors making use of analytical, logical, and empirical reasoning ranging from rapidly-changing modern business environments to advanced research in economics. It is especially suitable for students thinking of careers at the interface of data analytics and economics or for those contemplating graduate school in economics.

Courses in the concentration include:

  • 70-490: Big Data and Machine Learning in Finance
  • 73-258: Developing Blockhain Use Case
  • 73-315: Market Design
  • 73-347: Game Theory
  • 73-374: Econometrics II
  • 73-415: Data Driven Business and Public Policy Decision Making
  • 73-423: Forecasting for Economics and Business
  • 73-449: Social, Economic, and Information Networks