Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Resources

Students in the undergraduate economics program have access to numerous resources at the departmental, college and campus level which are designed to provide support and promote academic success.

Our academic advisers work closely with students on all aspects of the academic planning process including identifying academic opportunities, connecting students to campus resources, exploring potential career paths and identifying extracurricular opportunities. Additionally, each department on our campus has advisers.

Academic Development offers a variety of academic support services to assist students in developing the skills, strategies and behaviors needed to perform as confident, independent and active learners. These services include peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, collaborative learning groups and academic counseling.

Students' classmates are valuable resources at Carnegie Mellon. It is not unusual for students to seek one another out for academic and career advice. Undergraduate economics program academic advisers introduce students experiencing difficulty in their coursework to students who will be able to informally provide assistance.

Carnegie Mellon's Office of Disability Resources has a continued mission to provide physical and programmatic campus access to all events and information within the Carnegie Mellon community.

Our faculty members are not only experts in their fields of study, but they are also committed teachers. The faculty teaching in the undergraduate economics program also teach in our MBA, MSCF and Ph.D. programs. Faculty hold regular office hours and encourage students to engage in thoughtful discussions and questions outside of the classroom.

Carnegie Mellon's Global Communication Center is a new tutoring resource supporting our students' efforts to improve their written, oral and visual communication skills. Any student, at any level, in any discipline, at any stage of the composing process is supported.

The Tepper School of Business has a dedicated business and economics research librarian who assists students in identifying and utilizing relevant research databases, periodicals and publications.

Teaching Assistants are current graduate and undergraduate students who hold review sessions and office hours for additional course assistance. Teaching Assistants are trained by faculty and closely guided by faculty and our program staff.

The undergraduate catalog provides a wide range of information including university policies, services, regulations, academic programs and courses.